From John Greenfield, the X-ray guy

Roller marks

Posted: June 13, 2018
By: John Greenfield, the X-ray guy

Roller marks........ I got a call today that a customer was having roller marks and thought they may need to purchase a new roller. Most roller marks are not really from bad rollers but it is from low usage of the film processor. When the processor sits for a few days and longer, the developer and fixer dry on the roller in a long straight line. Then the chems also dry on the top bearings of the rollers of the racks. When this happens it causes the rollers to freeze up and makes a loud bang when the drive motor turns the worm gears under the end of the racks cause them to skip and jump. The long lines on the film are from the crust build up on the rollers. The best way to prevent this problem is to make sure you run the processor every day for at least half an hour weather you have patients or not. Run 1 or 2 new or used 14 x 17 film to keep the crust of the rollers, it adds fresh chems to the tanks and keeps the upper bearings on the racks lubed. Im. properly mixed chems and lack of cleanings can also cause the problem. If you have any other problems don't hesitate to give John a call at 505-507-4659.
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