Who We Are And How We Got Here

The Alliance of New Mexico Chiropractors (ANMC) was formed in 2017 to represent chiropractors in New Mexico who practice subluxation care and who want to keep chiropractic the pharmaceutical free profession it has been since its beginnings in 1895.

Since its inception in 1895, chiropractic has become the world’s largest drug-free health care system that focuses on the restoration and improvement of health, proper function and performance. The ANMC aims to keep it that way.

Our members include chiropractors from all across the spectrum of practice. What we have in common is a profound respect for correcting subluxations and keeping chiropractic drug free. Do you use lasers? Nutrition? Physiotherapy? Current APC protocols?Keep doing them. That’s your business. We are not going to tell you how you should practice.  That’s up to each individual doctor.

As long as you address subluxation and don’t want to see dangerous pharmaceuticals introduced into our scope of practice, we will welcome and represent you. We feel there is plenty of common ground for us to celebrate and work together supporting. If you want to see the inclusion of pharmaceuticals into the chiropractic scope of practice, by all means join the other organization.

Legislatively, our approach to fight the inclusion of pharmaceuticals will be simple. We believe anyone doing medical procedures requires medical training and medical testing with medical oversight using medical standards. We can guarantee you that if the medical profession approached the legislature and wanted to start doing chiropractic procedures, we would be the first ones flipping tables and throwing chairs making sure they had chiropractic training and chiropractic testing with chiropractic oversight using chiropractic standards.

There are numerous chiropractors in New Mexico who have legitimately incorporated medical practice into their offices by becoming Nurse Practitioners. In our opinion, this represents the correct way for a chiropractor who personally wants to do medical procedures in a chiropractic office. These doctors are practicing under dual licensure and have received medical training for medical procedures and are under medical oversight using medical standards. It’s really not a hard concept to understand and from all appearances seems to be working well for them.

As an organization, the Alliance of New Mexico Chiropractors will function to serve as follows:

  • We represent all chiropractors who practice according to the following two tenets:
  1. They locate, analyze and correct vertebral subluxations and
  2. They are for keeping chiropractic free of prescription drug rights.
  • We are not here to judge or condemn any use of ancillary procedures you may or may not use under the New Mexico statutes. Straight, mixer, middle-of-the-road, APC, we don’t care what you consider yourself. As long as you agree with our two tenets, you’re welcome here.
  • We will function in an open and above board, transparent manner. Our bylaws will be prominently displayed on our website for everyone to review at any time.
  • Our board meeting minutes will be prominently displayed on our private, members only Facebook page as soon as possible after board meetings.
  • We will not introduce legislation that goes against our two tenets.
  • Our continuing education programs will offer chiropractic-focused programs. As much fun as 16 hours of Gut Physiology may be, we won’t be offering it. If you want to be entertained and educated on that and similar subjects, our programs won’t be the place you’ll want to be.
  • We are planning to bring chiropractic adjusting technique programs into New Mexico, something that has been lacking in association offerings for a long time. Chiropractic philosophy, science and art will all be represented in our continuing education programs.

We would love to have you join us. Simply click on this link to join:  ANMC Membership Application

If you have any questions, I can be reached during normal business hours, Monday through Friday at 770.355.1492. We look forward to working with you and preserving and promoting chiropractic in New Mexico.


Dr. Rod Justice

Executive Director

Alliance of New Mexico Chiropractors